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Traditional Irish chairs, sugan chairs, rocking chairs, armchairs & childrens chairs for sale.
Sugan Childrens chairs , Armchairs, Rocking chairs all built to last the test of time.
Sugan chairs for sale & rocking chairs for sale chairs Ireland. Bar Stools Sugan Chair / Rocking Chair / Armchair / childs chairs / Bar Stools / childrens chairs for sale in Ireland. The chairs Ireland Contact John dowling for Rocking chairs, Armchairs, Sugan Chairs & childrens chairs for sale. The bar stools &  Breakfast Chairs Ireland
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Childs chairs will last for generations. the childrens chairs are built to last for generations

John Dowling's Sugan Chair, Rocking Chairs, Armchairs & Childrens Chairs for Sale

John Dowling,  who hails from Listowel, a traditional market town in County Kerry is one of
the few furniture. He is a man who is very familiar with all aspects of wood from planting,
harvesting, milling and finally carpentry.

John grew up with a love and talent for wood working and well remembers the use of
Sugan chairs and furniture in the homes of his grand-parents. As a result of a family
request to repair and replace old Sugan chairs, John's interest in this old Irish furniture
type was re-kindled and he began making pieces for family and friends. This resulted in a
growth in community interest and local sales grew to the point where he now has a small
production facility in Listowel making also traditional Rocking chairs, Armchairs & childs
Irish built Sugan Armchairs, Rocking Chairs, Childrens chairs for sale.
Our childs chairs / childrens chairs will last for generations. Also Armchairs & Rocking chairs for sale. chairs Ireland
John Dowling listowel craftsman of sugan armchairs, rocking chairs & childs chairs for sale in the product page.
John Dowling, one of Ireland's finest traditional furniture makers. His chairs Ireland
These Irish chairs / Irish furniture, childrens chairs, Rocking chairs are made with the best materials. Chairs Ireland
The Sugan chair designs also include rocking chair & armchair, childs chairs products
See our irish traditional furniture and Sugan chairs for sale
Chairs Ireland , See also Rocking chair & Armchair designs, child chairs and Sugan chair ireland
Irish Traditional Furniture in the form of Sugan High Stool for home or business use.

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"The Sugan Chair"
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Sugan Chair Construction

Sugan chairs are crafted without nails and their Mortise
& Tenon wood joints that hold it together. Unlike most
modern furniture these traditional furniture will last for
generations and in the past this furniture was
considered an heirloom to be handed down to the next

The final part in the construction of a Sugan chair is an
element known as the "Weave" which you sit upon. In
past years (long gone) the material used in the process
was "
Hemp", today it has been replaced by "Twine".  
The "Weave" John uses is locally known as the
"Smearla Weave" believed to date back over 120 years.
More importantly this type of weave provides comfort
and strength to the whole frame of these Irish chairs.

Quality Irish Chairs for Sale

John takes great personal pride in his workmanship and that of his team and since all the
Irish furniture products on this website are hand made its important that "you get what
you want", to that effect John actively discusses the "chairs for order" details with all his

One last thing, with reference to delivery of your Sugan furniture John will find you the
most cost effective way of getting the product to you.
Childrens chairs all handmade in Listowel  Ireland. The childs chairs are built to the highest quality. chairs Ireland

A little bit about John's Sugan Armchair, Rocking Chair & Childs Chairs

John's Sugan furniture designs also include rocking chairs and armchairs. The rocking
chair is one of his best sellers currently, combining comfort, motion & strength of design.
On the other hand his armchair is the origional Sugan chair with the addition of arm rests.
Both the Armchair & Rocking Chair are also available in a children's chair sizes.

Now not forgetting the next generation, these chairs make great practical "gifts" for
children when doing homework, reading in the playroom, or sitting down with their friends.
The chairs for children will last the test of time and hold personal memories long after the
child becomes an adult.  To see John's Rocking chair,  Armchair and his selection of
children's chairs then flick on to the
Sugan Furniture products page.
Our Sugan armchair. see armchairs in products page
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